Polka-Dot Ombre Glasses


Okay, first off I would like to apologize for the poor image quality in this post. I had to switch to an older camera that has a little bit of trouble focusing, but hopefully it is clear enough to get the point across.

But enough of that! These glasses are super simple to make and tons of fun. In the end you will get a cute ombre effect as if you had colorful bubbles rising to the top. The handmade aspect ensures that each glass will be unique in its own way, but similar enough to make a set.

Unlike my two previous posts, even the newest beginner should be able to make these with ease. I love the amount of creativity you can put into these, not only with infinite color combinations, but you can also play around with how tightly you pack the polka-dots and the gradation of your ombre effect.

You won’t need too much for this project, and most of it you can probably find around the house.

  • Glasses (I got mine from the Dollar Store, and any shape or size will work)
  • Nail Polish (Use multiple colors that flow well together. I used 3 shades of purple. You can also pick one solid color and use white to lighten it. Keep in mind that thin nail polish will not show up as well.
  • Dotting tools of 3 different sizes (I used a pencil eraser, the top of a click pen, and the end of a bent bobby pin)
  • Aluminium foil (For pouring nail polish onto)
  • Nail polish remover and cotton balls (For if you need to redo something or make a mess)
  • Work mat (in case you spill or drip the nail polish)


Double check that you have removed all of the stickers and you are ready to begin!

dscn1029On the foil, make a small puddle of your base color. This is the one that will be on the bottom. I went from darkest to lightest. Use you biggest dotting tool, in my case, the pencil eraser, like a stamp. Dip it in the polish and dot it onto the glass. You may need to add more polish to your puddle as you go.

dscn1030This is what it looked like when I finished my base color. Notice that I covered the bottom and densely packed my dots. The closer you get to the rim of the glass, the more spread out they should become.

dscn1033Once you are satisfied with your base, repeat the puddle and stamp process with your next color. For this I used the top of a cheap click pen.

dscn1034These dots should flow with your base color and then extend beyond, gradually increasing the space between them.

dscn1039For my final color I used and even smaller tool, the end of a bobby pin. You will need significantly less polish for this last step, so don’t make your puddle very big.

dscn1041These dots should again flow with the previous color but will become very spread out, almost like they are fading away into nothing. It’s a little bit hard to see this effect in an image, but hopefully it will make more sense as you do it.

Let this dry and you are done! Feel free to make more to complete your set and have fun with the colors! You can use as many colors as you’d like, but I recommend making each color a different sized dot.


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